Welcome to Blackbird Leadership

We are Management Consultants & Executive Coaches specializing in Leadership Development for Fortune 1000 companies and smaller organizations, including law firms.

What makes us special

We focus on developing Leaders of Color, Women and GLBT Leaders in your organization alongside White Male Leaders. We specialize in a targeted and inclusive approach to talent management.

How do we do this

We are a premiere Diversity Executive Coaching firm. We offer multiple coaching engagements targeted at developing and retaining Female Executives and Executives of Color in your firm. We offer customized Organizational Development initiatives, Mentoring and Reverse Mentoring Programs, Diversity Training, Leadership Retreats and a host of other customized assessments and initiatives.

Result to our clients

More global, diverse perspectives emerge from leaders we work with. Leaders learn to deeply understand how they influence and effect others. Our clients become better self-managers, better team leaders and communicators.

Blackbird Leadership's approach

See services for details.


Contact us now at 212-501-7666 to schedule a consultation, or email us.

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